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Tengyu Group

Tengyu Group was founded in 2009,after more than ten years,has developed into a high-end intelligent factory covers an area of about 100000 sguare meters, 100,000 GMPC clean production workshop,2500 employees,70% ọf whom have worked for more than 5 years equipped with"intelligentsystem+intelligent equipment+intelligent manufacturing" in one of theadvanced demonstration cosmetics production baseWith the internationalTOP10 raw material giants to establish joint research and developmentstrategic cooperationto create a 1+1+4+ developmentmodel, strive to empower brand customers let the world fall in love with China's intelligent manufacturing!


4 large factories

4 large factories, Efficient production capacity

400+ Special Certificates

400+ Special Certificates to meet product needs

Professional planning

Professional planning,Support brand incubation

Authoritative dialogue

Authoritative dialogue, Cooperation and exchange between home and abroad

Innovative research team

Innovative research team from China, Japan,France and Korea,

Quality management

Quality management, Strict quality standards

According to relevant data, the global anti-aging market grew from $139.5billion in 2016 to $216 billion in 2022, an increase of $76.5 billion, and it isexpected that the global anti-aging market will maintain a high growth rate inthe future...
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